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I’ve been MIA right :P I’m still living you know I’ve just been supper busy with IB and an International move( more on that later). But i have some exciting things happening for me and I would love you’re support I will tell you guys more details when i have time to write a nice juicy post ( current supposed to be studying for a test :Pimage



"I’m not sure what I’ll do, but - well, I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want to live where things happen on a big scale"

— F. Scott Fitzgerald (via unexpected-heartbeats)

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In reflecting on the past year and what I have (and haven’t) achieved, I feel a little bit discouraged. I feel like I can’t trust myself to follow through and stick to anything to the end. I’d like to say ‘oh, in the coming year, I want to get closer to the Lord, finish my book, lose 20 pounds,…

Remember this Ruth? :) - Aly



Lose 50 lbs.
Make straight A’s
Become healthy and happy
No negativity
Set small goals
Stop being jealous
Pass the STARR and AP exam
Know my future college
Pass the SAT
Revamp my wardrobe
Be a leader
Be a better friend
Stay active
Become closer to God
Read bible everyday

Remember our resolutions guys! - Aly


Ruth: I’m Still Alive!!!

Sooooo much has happened since I last posted on here, its crazy! Life got very hectic and a lot of nasty things happened but we survived. 

THEN we bought a new house :D It was a miracle. We moved in last week and its been heavenly. Nothing like the apartment. We have a yard and plenty of acreage to hike and explore. The house is so pretty and clean and very private - now we’re at the top of a hill, surrounded by mountains. I’m so blessed and so thankful. And so, so inspired…

I was surrounded by challenges in the apartment - not only with what was going on around me and my personal family issues, but with my goals too. There was no yard. Our sole mode of getting sunshine was standing on the back roof, looking up at our one tree, surrounded by neighbors and buildings. No way to get fresh air and exercise, unless you went for a walk around the grungy, dirty neighborhood across the street. So much pollution - there was a perpetual layer of dust on everything in our house, even the walls. Noise too. We all yelled to be heard over the sounds of the trucks passing and the teenagers ripping down the street with their reggae music on full blast. We sat in the apartment a LOT with nothing to do, nowhere to go. I can count on one hand the amount of times I was able to get a full, unclear view of the stars at night. 

With all that said, I feel like I’m in paradise now. Despite the fact that we bought the house knowing it was too small to fit all of us (I don’t actually have a room… I’m sleeping on a mattress in my mom’s room until we get another room built for me and my sisters) I’m surrounded by beauty. I KNOW my health is going to improve here. The air is fresh and clean. Its the very middle of the summer but the heat isn’t that bad here. I don’t even have a fan on me right now! We took the week settling in but I love the idea of every morning or afternoon going for a hike up our mountain. Which brings me to my point…

Fitness. Lifestyle. Everything’s been on hold for the past 4-5 months. It was completely out of my hands. But its been okay. I’ve had more opportunity to be active and move around in these months than I did in the 3 years in the apartment. We spent 2 months at a friend’s house up in the mountains and there was a river and paths to walk and grass to play in and I found myself enjoying all of it. Now we’re here, and I have a mountain to climb and a gym at the foot of the hill (which our financial position can now support :D) It would take guts, ‘cause I hate working out in front of people but my cousin Butterfly is all for it, so if I go with her, maybe I won’t feel so insecure. 

Food wise: I spent two months eating homemade, whole-wheat bread every morning for breakfast. Did I gain weight? I have no idea - I haven’t weighed myself in the longest time. But the mirror hasn’t shown any changes… I was actually LESS hungry because the bread kept me filled up. If anything, I’m thinner.

We’ve only been here a week, and I’m eating 5 times a day again because I feel ravenous every 2 hours. Which is fine. I’m rolling with it. I miss feeling full and satisfied but so much bread probably wasn’t that good for me anyway. We ate pretty well over there. We rarely had any sort of sugar (we used honey and organic agave syrup) and now I’m so sensitive to sugar! It’s awesome: I went to Krispy Kreme a few days ago because my brother and 2 sisters wanted a doughnut and Boy too, so I went bc I wanted one of those mocha dream coffees and I ended up having a glazed doughnut too - I felt it immediately! TOO MUCH SUGAR. I’ve never felt it like that before. And I loved that my body responded that way… I passed my coffee around just to get it drunk up because halfway thru, I was done. Too sweet, and I felt sick. Same thing happened yesterday when I had some chocolate. 

Another AMAZING plus to where I live now is that we have fruit trees! A huge avocado tree (YAY!) and mango trees and a lemon tree (a young one) Chaya plants (not chia - its a leaf like spinach but higher in protein and other minerals - just can’t eat it raw) and others. I’m so excited! At the apartment we never had fruit. We’re going to plant more too. 

SO - I’ve got to stop monologue-ing lol - my point is that I’ve fallen into the kind of lifestyle I’ve been dreaming about and fighting for for years. I know its going to be easier to eat clean and stay active here. Being so close to nature is a blessing. Having so much land and trees and plants is really amazing. We’re not so poor anymore, and now we live right next to Cosco :D So Mom is going to get a membership card and then we’re going to start shopping there. I can’t wait. Today I’m going for my second hike up the mountain - I plan on going at least 4x a week. It’s lunchtime so I’ll sign off here - but I’ll be back again to blog some more! I want to read about you guys and see where y’all are at. God bless you guys - its good to be back!! :)


Coconut Iced Coffee with Mini Chocolate Glazed Coffee Doughnuts.

Post Workout Soreness


Jillian Michaels made eveeeeeery muscle group I have so sore that I couldn’t even workout today. :( Seems like the Ripped in 30 workout challenge shall take me way more than 30 days at this rate. It hurts to sit, to get up, climb stairs… ugh

So am I that unfit or was the workout that intense? tun tun tun lol :’(

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"Transformation is not a future event; it is a present activity."

— Jillian Michaels (via dreamingelle)




i want a tumblr buddy from a different country that i just exchange things with u no what i mean like they can send me candy from where they live and id send them american candy or we could send friendship bracelets and letters and drawings and just anything and itd be rly cute and frick man

me too>_<

Gosh I love this idea!! Do you guys wanna do it with me? I’m in China it could be fun!!! :D

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