Post Workout Soreness


Jillian Michaels made eveeeeeery muscle group I have so sore that I couldn’t even workout today. :( Seems like the Ripped in 30 workout challenge shall take me way more than 30 days at this rate. It hurts to sit, to get up, climb stairs… ugh

So am I that unfit or was the workout that intense? tun tun tun lol :’(

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"Transformation is not a future event; it is a present activity."

— Jillian Michaels (via dreamingelle)




i want a tumblr buddy from a different country that i just exchange things with u no what i mean like they can send me candy from where they live and id send them american candy or we could send friendship bracelets and letters and drawings and just anything and itd be rly cute and frick man

me too>_<

Gosh I love this idea!! Do you guys wanna do it with me? I’m in China it could be fun!!! :D

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results since my new start  6 lbs out of the 10 need to be lost yaya!!!! is all i can say , I am motivated i have goals so lets hope it comes into fruition !!!

below is my #nomakeupselfie for cancer research i tag all you lovely ladies and gents out there do a duck face selfie !!




It has been a while since i’ve blogged , trust me I know . Yes, i am still trying to lose weight i went off of it for a number of months but i have comeback to my senses and   i have a new goal , luckily i just gained 10lbs so the goal is to lose the gained 10lbs and lose my current 30lbs that i have as a goal but my first goal is to lost 10lbs  by April 18th so send out prayers xoxoxo- G until next time lovies 


Hey everyone: Progress Pics

February for me was just horrible :( Binge-eating and emotions-roller coaster. I just explained on sparkteens why.

Anyway something I never realized until last weekend. Despite me gaining back a bit of weight this month and feeling awful about my eating and slipping up, I’ve come such a huuuuge way!!!

Feb 2013:


Feb 2014: 



These are taken one year apart in the same shirt. (the shirt’s supposed to be a baggy shirt though btw but its still much baggier than before). Sorry for the bad pic quality cuz these were all pics I had to crop friends out of but you can see the difference too right? :O Which is why the importance of before/during/after pics is stressed so much. These pics just gave me the motivation to keep on going despite messing up last month.

Best of luck this month guys :)

"Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!"
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Where is The Slim Sisterhood going from here?

I think this is something we need to address. Is TSS working for us? Is it helpful for our mental/physical health, our journeys? Should we keep it around, or do you guys want to continue on your personal Tumblr blogs or Sparkteens?

Lets not have it just hanging around, lets use it or move on somewhere we can be more productive, express ourselves better, or…be consistent?

Please email me what you would like to see from TSS. How it can change, improve, do we still need it, is it helping you, etc. :D


Too much going on!

Its so hard for me to keep you guys updated on everything I want to update you all on. There’s Sparkteens, Tumblr, The Slim Sisterhood, Instagram, I’m never quite sure where to post and I feel messy and all over the place so I dont even bother. What should I do? Plus I always have soooo much to say I (like all perfectionists) put it off forever until a time when I feel I can do it well…in other words never! :(

My reasons for absence